Social Media Tips Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social Media Tips

What’s the height and width of a Facebook cover photo? Do you know what size Twitter scales your profile picture down to?

What’s the dimensions of a shared image on Instagram?

And what on earth is Google+?


Whether you’re brand new to social media or a savvy, seen-it-all-before war veteran, working out the heights and widths of all those images you need to make your favourite social media channels look good is a time-consuming and, unfortunately, laborious process. Even worse: next time you have to do this, I guarantee that you won’t remember anything.

(Source: InfinPixels. Measure image via Shutterstock.)

(Source: InfinPixels. Measure image via Shutterstock, Media Bistro.)


Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet: Posted on Media Bistro Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest by Shea Bennetton March 11, 2014